Since 1993 I have been working in both operations and projects, since 2007 as freelance advisor under the company name Wijkamp Analyses. I have worked for ABN Amro, Robeco Group, Stater, ING Bank, Knab, Atradius, SNS Holding, Nationale-Nederlanden Group and Geelvinck Pianola Museum.
From early 2012 to mid 2014 I joined the SEPA Service Group, and then Payguard until early 2023. Both networks of self-employed: project leaders, consultants, business and process analysts. In December 2023, I joined PMP: Privacy Management Partners – f.

My goal-oriented specialization is payments (domestic, SEPA & true international) and privacy (consumer rights). I have participated in programs and projects concerning:

– Privacy GDPR/AVG
– Opportunities PSD2
– SWIFT centralisation
– Duty of care on investing
– Privacy Wbp
– Savings account improvement
– Implementation SEPA
– Professionalising nostro administration
– Disaster recovery
– Corporate compliance
– Client and product migration
– Supervising institute C-TAP
– EMV Issuing
– Interpay direct debit
– Libra (and corona)

I have been responsible for the translation of business requirements into both functional and IT requirements, as well as investigative research, functional designs, delivery and testing procedures, and the supervision of analysts, testers and application managers.
My part in one of the biggest programs has consisted of three impact analyses, four workshops, twelve functional designs and one presentation [on the Persian Route].

I flourish in a working environment where I can put my experience to good use and where I can carry my responsibility. Consequently, to work together with other people and bring about a positive conclusion to a project.

Quotes from clients:

“Jeroen clearly indicates what kind of turn around time he needs to perform a certain kind of activity. After which he will do everything within his power to stick to that time limit.”

“He knows his subject matter and has an in-depth knowledge of it; he knows what needs to be done. He also knows how to find the right people and does not hesitate to ask questions if a situation demands just that.”

“What I appreciate most about Jeroen? I can trust him to do things right. It will come out better than before.”

“Thanks for your assistance at MoneYou and good luck with your next assignment. All the best!”

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